Fading channels: information-theoretic and communications aspects

  • Authors:
  • E. Biglieri;J. Proakis;S. Shamai

  • Affiliations:
  • Dipt. di Elettronica, Politecnico di Torino;-;-

  • Venue:
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • Year:
  • 2006

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Hi-index 756.16



In this paper we review the most peculiar and interesting information-theoretic and communications features of fading channels. We first describe the statistical models of fading channels which are frequently used in the analysis and design of communication systems. Next, we focus on the information theory of fading channels, by emphasizing capacity as the most important performance measure. Both single-user and multiuser transmission are examined. Further, we describe how the structure of fading channels impacts code design, and finally overview equalization of fading multipath channels