Business Rule Management for Enterprise Information Systems

  • Authors:
  • Shouhong Wang;Hai Wang

  • Affiliations:
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA;Saint Mary's University, Canada

  • Venue:
  • Information Resources Management Journal
  • Year:
  • 2010

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Business rules guide information system development and maintenance in the organization. The issue of business rules for enterprise information systems has recently received considerable attention. However, as yet little research has been reported on a systematic approach to business rules management. This paper proposes a business rules management model. In this model, business rules are supported by three types of independent information system components: system setting, database, and procedural module. A business rule can be formalized into one or more elementary rule, and a formalized elementary rule is associated with one and only one information system component. Business rules, system components, and their interconnected relationships can be organized into an XML enabled repository for the system development, customization, and maintenance. An example of artifact of business rules management system can be found in an apartment rental management system. This example is used to illustrate the concept of business rules management.