Analyzing and Improving Network Availability in Interdomain Routing

  • Authors:
  • Mahesh Kumar;Shishir Kumar

  • Affiliations:
  • Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna, India;Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna, India

  • Venue:
  • Wireless Personal Communications: An International Journal
  • Year:
  • 2013

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The Internet now-a-days has become indispensable to each and everyone. It is vulnerable to node failures, link failures, and fluctuations due to many known or unknown reasons in the network connectivity. The bitter truth is even today networks' failure, link faults are happening. A single change in a link or a node has a potential to trigger the unstable-routing-tables of many nodes. These failures may lead the network in an unstable state by increasing its convergence time significantly longer. In this paper we propose an algorithm to keep the value of the minimum route advertisement interval timer variable unlike the conventional approach of keeping it constant. The proposed approach makes the timer value varying depending on the receiver's position with respect to the origin of the prefix advertised on the network. Simulations' results show that the convergence time becomes significantly low and make the network converge relatively quicker.