Advance reservations for predictive service in the Internet

  • Authors:
  • Mikael Degermark;Torsten Köhler;Stephen Pink;Olov Schelén

  • Affiliations:
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  • Venue:
  • Multimedia Systems - Special issue on the fifth workshop on network and operating system support for digital audio and video 1995 (NOSSDAV)
  • Year:
  • 1997

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We extend a measurement-based admission control algorithm suggested for predictive service to provideadvance reservations for guaranteed and predictive service.while retaining the attractive features of predictive service.The admission decision for advance reservations is based oninformation about flows that overlap in time. For flows thathave not yet started, the requested values are used, and forthose that have already started measurements are used. Thisallows us to estimate the network load accurately for thenear future. To provide advance reservations we ask usersto include durations in their requests. We present simulationresults to show that predictive service with advance reservations provides utilization levels significantly higher thanthose for guaranteed service, and comparable to those forpredicted service without advance reservations. Those utilization levels are reached without any preemption of otheradmitted flows. Finally, we discuss how to setup advancereservations over multiple hops in the Internet using resourcereservation setup protocols.