Distributed advance reservation of real-time connections

  • Authors:
  • Domenico Ferrari;Amit Gupta;Giorgio Ventre

  • Affiliations:
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  • Venue:
  • Multimedia Systems - Special issue on the fifth workshop on network and operating system support for digital audio and video 1995 (NOSSDAV)
  • Year:
  • 1997

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The ability to reserve real-time connections in advance is essential in all distributed multiparty applications(i.e., applications involving multiple human beings) usinga network that controls admissions to provide good quality of service. This paper discusses the requirements of theclients of an advance reservation service, and a distributeddesign for such a service. The design is described withinthe context of the Tenet Real-Time Protocol Suite 2, a suitebeing developed for multiparty communication, which willoffer advance reservation capabilities to its clients, based onthe principles and the mechanisms proposed in the paper.Simulation results providing useful data about the performance and some of the properties of these mechanisms arealso presented. We conclude that the one described here is aviable approach to constructing an advance reservation service within the context of the Tenet Suites as well as thatof other solutions to the multiparty real-time communicationproblem.