A routing architecture for mobile integrated services networks

  • Authors:
  • Shree Murthy;J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves

  • Affiliations:
  • Sun Microsystems, Inc., Palo Alto, CA;Univ. of California, Santa Cruz

  • Venue:
  • Mobile Networks and Applications - Special issue: mobile networking in the Internet
  • Year:
  • 1998

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A drawback of the conventional Internet routing architecture is that its route computation and packet forwarding mechanisms are poorly integrated with congestion control mechanisms. Any datagram offered to the network is accepted; routers forward packets on a best-effort basis and react to congestion only after the network resources have already been wasted. A number of proposals improve on this to support multimedia applications; a promising example is the Integrated Services Packet Network (ISPN) architecture. However, these proposals are oriented to networks with fairly static topologies and rely on the same conventional Internet routing protocols to operate. This paper presents a routing architecture for mobile integrated services networks in which network nodes (routers) can move constantly while providing end-to-end performance guarantees. In the proposed connectionless routing architecture, packets are individually routed towards their destinations on a hop by hop basis. A packet intended for a given destination is allowed to enter the network if and only if there is at least one path of routers with enough resources to ensure its delivery within a finite time. Once a packet is accepted into the network, it is delivered to its destination, unless resource failures prevent it. Each router reserves resources for each active destination, rather than for each source–destination session, and forwards a received packet along one of multiple loop-free paths towards the destination. The resources and available paths for each destination are updated to adapt to congestion and topology changes. This mechanism could be extended to aggregate dissimilar flows as well.