DIP: Distance Information Protocol for IDMaps

  • Authors:
  • Yixin Jin;Beichuan Zhang;Vasileios Pappas;Lixia Zhang;Sugih Jamin

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  • Venue:
  • ISCC '03 Proceedings of the Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications
  • Year:
  • 2003

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The Internet Distance Map Service (IDMaps) [3] providesdistance estimates between any pair of hosts connectedto the Internet. The IDMaps system comprises twocomponent types: Tracers that measure distances betweenIP address prefixes, and Servers that collect measurementresults and answer distance queries. The Distance InformationProtocol (DIP) is used for Tracers to report measureddistance data to Servers. The dynamics on the Internettopology, the distributed nature of autonomous Tracers andServers, and the vast size of the data set require that DIPprovide highly adaptive and scalable data disseminationfrom Tracers to Servers. DIP is a soft-state announce/listenprotocol and scales independently from the total amount ofmeasurement data by all Tracers. DIP achieves its scalabilitythrough a combination of staged timers, positive feedback,and feedback suppression techniques, which enableDIP to disseminate only the most useful measurement datato Servers in a dynamic way. Simulations verified DIP'sscalability and adaptability under various network conditions.